About PT

Petaluma Tomorrow is a group of politically active individuals who care about the quality of life for all Petaluma area citizens and insist that local government act in the public’s best interest.  We are a member funded grass roots organization. Petaluma Tomorrow is organized as a Statewide PAC (Political Action Committee) and files reports with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

Our mission is to work for fully open government and elections in Petaluma; responsible development; the protection and sustainability of our watershed; and, hospital to support candidates who best represent these ideals and are responsive to the community.   We focus on our local community, ampoule Petaluma, viagra while seeking to advance our mission throughout the broader political, social and environmental community of Sonoma County.

Our ongoing  initiatives in each of the key elements of our mission include:

Open Government and Elections

  • Council Watch: We attend Petaluma City Council meetings, summarize the issues discussed and votes taken and provide commentary on critical issues.
    Board of Supervisors Watch: Recognizing the interplay between City and County we replicate our Council Watch actions at the County Board of Supervisor meetings.
  • Election Watch: Election watch activities fall into two categories.  First, reporting on the source of campaign funding for candidates to local and county office – noting concentrations of contributions among special interest groups and from outside of the community.
  • And, second,  monitoring campaign contributions for compliance with local and state disclosure rules and campaign finance regulations.  And, filing complaints with the County and the FPPC when necessary.
  • Policy: We actively support and sponsor policy changes and new policies, which will make our elections and government more transparent.

Responsible Development

  • Advocacy for projects that make use of smart growth and infill development principles and for green building and for more open space and parks.
  • Advocacy against development projects leading to traffic congestion, flooding and which do not fully pay for their impact on the community and community services.
  • Community Watch: We are formalizing our monitoring of proposed developments to make sure that they:
    • comply with the General Plan;
    • meet the economic needs of the community;
    • prioritize services or products not currently found rather than replicating  existing, local businesses;
    • provide for jobs with a living wage;
    • return the maximum number of dollars to the local community;
    • contribute fully to infrastructure and community service needs;
    • are net zero users of water;
    • are built applying the highest level of green technology/certification
    • and, importantly, respect the communities in which the development takes place.
  • Partnerships: We partner and provide support to other local and county-wide groups focused on responsible development and promoting Smart Growth.

Sustainable Watershed Management

  • Advocacy for policies and practices, which protect and sustain our watershed and provide for a safe drinking water supply, clean waterways and reduced flood risks.
  • Advocacy against
    • development, which depletes the supply of water  and/or results in practices, which inhibit the recharging of our aquifer; and add to our risk of flooding
    • projects which risk the health of our waterways