Council Watch Report for October 3, 2016

Petaluma Tomorrow
Council Watch Report
October 3, pill 2016


Councilmembers Chris Albertson, Kathy Miller, Gabe Kearney, Mike Healy and Teresa Barrett present.
Key Issues and Commentary
Just days after a fire that destroyed several homes on Stuart Drive, that event remained on the minds of many at this City Council meeting, including the perpetually racist Kathryn Babrowski, who prefaced her latest public indictment of her Latino neighbors and the PDD with a shower of praise upon the Petaluma Fire Department.


An otherwise brisk and business-like meeting was slightly derailed by a discussion of item 5B, which Councilmember Chris Albertson took to be more akin to a set-aside fee benefitting Lafferty Ranch. Adding Lafferty to the parks available to receive funding, or building a bigger pie, suggested the City Manager, was what it was all about.




Council Watch did not attend the staff’s public workshop which occurred immediately prior to the Council’s evening session. This workshop on Quiet Zones is worth reviewing, and may be viewed at the city’s webpage here. Public commentary received by the city about this agenda item overwhelmingly supported the city’s pursuit of Quiet Zones in Petaluma.


Quiet Zones will be on the October 17, 2016 City Council agenda.




Fire Prevention Week:  October 9-15, 2016


General Public Comment


Kathryn Babrowski paused to extend her thanks to the Petaluma Fire Department for their tremendous job putting out the Stuart Drive fire near Highway 1o1, before painting a self-portrait of a woman besieged by malicious neighbors at the Littlewoods Mobile Villa mobile home park.


2. Approval of Proposed Agenda


A. Approval of REVISED Agenda for Regular City Council/PCDSA Meeting of Monday, October 17, 2016. – Revision No. 1 – Monday, October 3, 2016.


Approved by unanimous vote.


3. Consent calendar


A. Resolution Approving Claims and Bills for August 2016.
B. Resolution Accepting Completion of Work by the City’s Weed Abatement Contractor and Authorizing the City Clerk to File a Notice of Completion with the Sonoma County Recorder’s Office and Authorizing City Staff to Release the 10% Retention Fee for Services Performed by the City’s Weed Abatement Contractor.
C. Resolution Ordering the Summary Vacation of an Existing Storm Flow Retention Pond Easement on Assessor Parcel Number 150-020-036, Petaluma, CA.
D. Resolution Authorizing Execution of First Amended Agreement with the Sonoma County Water Agency for the Petaluma River Stream Gauge Installation Project.
E. Resolution Ratifying the Tentative Agreement Reached by the Duly Authorized Representatives of the City of Petaluma and the Peace Officers’ Association of Petaluma.


Approved by unanimous vote in its entirety.


4. New Business


A. Resolution Amending the Classification and Compensation Plan by Establishing the Classification and Pay Range of Deputy Police Chief, Authorizing the Position Allocation of One (1.0) Deputy Police Chief, and Eliminating One (1.0) Police Lieutenant.


Approved by unanimous vote.


B. Resolution Proposing Formation of the Avila Ranch Subdivision Landscape and Lighting Assessment District; Resolution of Preliminary Approval of Engineer’s Report for Avila Ranch Subdivision Landscape and Lighting Assessment District; and Resolution of Intention to Order the Levy and Collection of Assessments for Avila Ranch Subdivision Landscape and Lighting Assessment District and Setting a Public Hearing.
This is the first of two required public meetings on this landscape assessment district.


Three resolutions in this item approved by unanimous vote of 4-0, with Kearney recusing himself.


C. Resolution Authorizing Award of Contract for the Petaluma Community Sports Fields Restroom Improvements Project.


The next step in improving the Petaluma Community Sports Field project, which involves the purchase and construction of a prefabricated restroom facility.


Approved by unanimous vote.


5. Public Hearings


A. Public Hearing and Action to Adopt Resolution Confirming the Cost of Abatement of Weeds and Confirming Approving of the Forwarding of Unpaid Bills to the County Assessor’s Office for Collection as Assessments.


Approved by unanimous vote.


B. Resolution Repealing and Replacing the Current Park Land Development Impact Fee Resolution for Future Development within the City of Petaluma, Resolution No. 2014-037 N.C.S., Adopted March 3, 2014, to add Funding for Lafferty Ranch Improvements.


One Lafferty Ranch neighbor on Sonoma Mountain Rd. – also a member of the Petaluma Service Alliance – noted that organization’s recent work on Walnut Park – so necessary yet long overdue thanks to a lack of funding – with the city’s desire to now spend funds on a trail outside city limits. He called for a vote of Petaluma’s citizenry on whether or not they wanted to spend city funds on this.


Gabe Kearney sought to clarify where this funding was coming from. These are not funds we could be using to fix potholes.


Councilmember Chris Albertson took everyone to task at length about the expenditure of funds on a project outside of town when there are so many projects in town that need money. He mentioned a great number of projects and organizations in need of funding.


“All these items are items in the city limits. All these items have a funding need.”


“I don’t want city money, resources that could be spent here in city limits, going five miles up Sonoma Mountain,” Albertson continued.


He also mentioned McNear Peninsula and other projects that might be considered for funding, inside city limits, unlike Lafferty.


Councilmember Teresa Barrett asked city staff why this adjustment to the Park Land Development Fee is written in such a way that it is 99% about Lafferty?


It is all about Lafferty in a sense, suggested Danly, as this resolution means Lafferty is now being added back to the mix of projects available to be funded.


City Manager Brown suggested the city is simply “making a bigger pie.”


Barrett responded that she’s comfortable with pursuing the development of Lafferty as a city park and with raising the park impact fees, but “what I’m never comfortable with is designer legislation,” a set-aside for Lafferty, “and I would never have supported that.” Seeing it’s not, she happily supported this.


Approved by 4 – 1 vote with Chris Albertson dissenting.


Council Comment


Mike Healy mentioned that the technical committee of the county water agency met and Lake Mendocino was at 90% of capacity, Lake Sonoma was at 87% of capacity, both very good. Water savings in August was 23%, due to pretty darn good habits the people of Petaluma have continued.

Adjourned at 8:25

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