Primary Recommendations

June 3rd Primary Election – PT Board Recommendations

The June primary includes at least six races that will have a strong impact on Petaluma. While there are no elections for offices that are solely for Petaluma the county wide races, the 2nd District Supervisorial race and the 10th District Assembly race all are critical to the county and city. View the sample ballot at:

State Assembly, 10th District
VOTE for DIANA CONTI: Vote for and support Conti, who one might argue is not just the only Progressive running but the only Democrat running when you consider the DINO incumbent Levine and challenger Carlstrom. G. Allen running as Republican.
Diana’s website is

Supervisor, 2nd District
✔WRITE IN : The choice between the irresponsible incumbent and the loose cannon challenger is no choice. Critical that we not show support for the wrong people. Write in Pam Torliatt, former candidate Jane Hamilton, former Sup Bill Kortum, your own name…

Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector
✔VOTE for GARY WYSOCKY: Knowledgeable, progressive, and understands that he is responsible to the residents of Sonoma Co. The Board of Supervisors appointed incumbent David Sundstrom who sees himself as responsible to the Sups. Not what we want or need.

District Attorney
✔VOTE for JILL RAVITCH: A major improvement over her predecessor. However, like her predecessor her office remains supportive of candidates who violate campaign finance rules and she has been unresponsive to those seeking justice for Andy Lopez.

Sonoma County Sheriff
✔WRITE IN: Incumbent Freitas running unopposed. Teenager Andy Lopez was killed under his leadership. Slow to change policy toward undocumented immigrants. Write in Andy Lopez to remind the sheriff we have not forgotten.

Supervisor, 4th District
SUPPORT DEB FUDGE: Visit her website for opportunities to volunteer, and contribute. We can’t vote in this race but if the Supervisors’ approval of the Dutra asphalt tells us anything it is that we need to have a progressive majority on the Board of Sups. Candidate Fudge will help maintain the favorable majority.

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Council Watch – May 5 Meeting

Petaluma Tomorrow
Council Watch Report
May 5, 2014

Mike Harris, Chris Albertson, Teresa Barrett, Mayor David Glass, Mike Healy, Kathy Miller present. Vice Mayor Gabe Kearney absent.

Municipal Clerks Week, May 4-10, 2014 – Enthusiastic round of applause for the City of Petaluma’s own Claire Cooper

Women’s Lung Health Week, May 11-17, 2014

Battle Cancer in Petaluma Week, May 11-17, 2014
Visit for details of the numerous events happening in Petaluma.

Congratulating Erika Mihalca, Casa Grande High School Senior with Minuteman Wrestling of Petaluma – Mihalca had the most successful wrestling season in Petaluma history.

Community Resilience Challenge, May 17-18, 2014
Formerly the 350 Home and Garden Challenge. Thanks to Daily Acts for “providing programs and services that educate residents, students, businesses, and community leaders about sustainable practices.”

Distribution of FY 2014-2015 Draft City of Petaluma Budget

General Public Comment
Janice Cader-Thompson – J.P. Morgan loan redux. Request for further public discussion & insisted the council agendize this item. JCT expressed particular interest in Councilmember Harris’s opinion of this loan, since he’s running for mayor.

4. Consent Calendar
A. Resolution Approving Claims and Bills for March 2014
Motion carried unanimously.

5. New Business
A. Resolution Approving the Project Budget and Authorizing the Award of Contract for the East Washington Park Phase 1 Project

Councilmember Barrett – Long time coming. Wants to make certain the same mistake is not made that we made with Wiseman Park. Must have restrooms!

Adjourn to Closed Session 7:40 pm

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Lagunitas Event March 26 for Deb Fudge

Help put Windsor Councilmember and former Mayor Deb Fudge on the Board of Supervisors, and enjoy some Lagunitas suds and tasty hors d’oeuvres in the process! The fun begins at 5 PM on March 26th. Click below to learn more and RSVP. You can also take a look at the Facebook page for the event.

Support Deb Fudge!


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